Surf Camps in Morocco

Morocco as a surfing destination has a lot to offer. During the European winter, it is one of the classic destinations for surfers that still want to enjoy a mild climate, away from the European cold.

The main surfing destination with biggest choice of surf camps in Morocco is the wave blessed area of Taghazout. Here you will find famous point breaks like Anchor Point, Killer Point or Banana Point. If you’re interested in other areas that are less affected from the surf tourism boom, have a look at regions like Imsouane and Safi. They might be interesting for you because they become more and famous of their good waves, beach breaks and plenty of surf accomodations to choose from as well.

Types of surf camps

There are basically two different types in Morocco that you should keep in mind when looking through our list of camps. It just depends on how you want to experience your surf trip in Morocco.

  • The international surf camp brands which have camps all around the world. They are globally branded and try to keep a certain quality level around the globe.
  • The family owned camps that have their own flair. They might vary in quality but offer an exceptional insight in their country, have their own flair and put a lot of love in what they do.

List of Moroccan surf camps

Here you can find a a list off all surf camps that are based Morocco. If you like one of the surf camps, you can get directly in touch with them through the Contact-Button on the individual profile pages. Don't hesitate to contact them, this service is free and all the owners are happy to answer your questions.

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Special surf holiday: Surf & Yoga

Morocco has always had a bit of international hippie travel influence. A lot of long-time travellers chose Morocco to be a place, where they can rest and clean their souls. It is a land where the desert meets the sea. No distractions.


People doing yoga

Maybe that’s why in Morocco, there is a high amount of surf camps that offer daily yoga lessons. It really depends how you want your surf holiday to turn out and where you put your focus, but you definitely get a broad choice of the intensity level of yoga. There are surf and yoga retreats that do lots of yoga and focus on this experience. But there are also surf camps where you can just start your day with a quick session.

Want to find the right place for you? Visit our map for surf yoga camps in Morocco.

What to bring to a surf camp in Morocco

Are you pumped to get your hair salty in Morocco and plan to stay in a surf camp? Make sure to bring the following essentials.

If you pack for a surf trip to a country you haven’t been before, there are always some things you don’t want to miss. It will come the time where you are the happiest person in the world because you brought the essentials! Here’s a short list of handy things you should definitely bring to a surf camp Morocco.

  • Bring your own leash
    The good thing about surf camps is that you don’t have to bring your own surfboard. Unfortunately, the leashes, so the straps that connect the board to your foot, are sometimes of poor quality. If you don’t like swimming back to shore without your board, just bring a leash from home.
  • Sun protection and a hat
    Since this sounds like a no brainer you’d be surprised how many surf students still get burned every time they take a trip. Don’t underestimate the African sun and bring protection from home like basic sun screen and extra zinc for your face.
  • Warm socks.
    You think Morocco is just sun and warm weather? That might be true during the day but once night hits, it’ll also get pretty chilly around there. So, make sure your feet stay warm. If you travel during wintertime, bring boots also ;)
  • A sarong.
    It’s basically a very thin blanket and is super versatile. You can use it for when it gets cooler in the evening, to sit on or as head scarf. The sarong also comes in handy for women visiting Muslim countries to cover their hair.
  • Hand Sanitizer.
    To prevent getting diarrhoea or a bad stomach, this stuff gets your hands clean and comes very handy when being on the beach or on the road all day.
  • Diarrhoea Relief Tablets.
    Diarrhoea is a constant concern when travelling in Morocco and those tablets will save your day once it hits you. You might also make new friends, so bring plenty.
  • A Headlamp.
    This is not a must but more a general packing tip for a holiday in a surf camp. It just doesn’t annoy your fellow roommates if you’re getting ready for a session at dawn or want to hit the toilet in the middle of the night.