What is ISeeOcean?

ISeeOcean is a professional marketing platform that nicely represents your surf business. It’s your marketing tool. Website visitors can browse and explore new places for their next surfing adventure, search by location or simply find your business directly.

Why should I get on ISeeOcean?

It becomes more and more difficult for surfers and travelers to get a good overview on surf camps, schools, guides or tours. They might google and only find the top businesses in the area – maybe not ending up with what they really wanted. Other visitors might use AirBnB. But not getting the certain surf info or professional service they were looking for. And most of all – possibly not finding your place overall.

How do I get my surf business on ISeeOcean?

Simply click “Register your surf business” in the top right corner and fill out your company info. Don’t worry you won’t get charged anything for your free entry.

What’s in for me?

ISeeOcean creates an own page that represents only your business. Additionally, your business pops up in various search request depending on the preferences of your future customers.

Let’s say you are a surf school in North Spain, that also offers surf guiding with private rooms or camping. You will be displayed to all website visitors, that search for your location (beginning with Spain as a country and all the way to the region) and all features that your business has to offer.

We do offer additional advertising opportunities and can also plan your future marketing campaign. Find out more here.

What can I display on my page?

Your Page is pre-designed and the following information can be provided.

  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact Form
  • Social Profile (Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • Business Description
  • Location on Map with Navigation
  • Customer Reviews
  • Promo-Video
  • Verified Status (Shows that your are a verified memeber and no fake)
  • Display for a special offer price

How much does it cost?

Your basic entry of your Listing is always free! You can add additional features to your business site which are paid features. (Coming Soon)

What do I have to do after registration?

After you have filled out all the information, ISeeOcean will review your entry and get it up and running within 48 hours.